Zur Startseite der DB Netz AG

RailNetEurope (RNE)

Platform of European Rail Infrastructure Managers

As a founding member of RNE, DB Netz AG is striving, in collaboration with now over 30 European rail infrastructure managers, to simplify access to international train paths by means of transparent information and harmonised processes.

RailNetEurope (RNE) is an association of over 30 European rail infrastructure managers and train-path allocation offices which have the objective of coordinating and harmonising marketing and sales tasks on an international basis. RNE is an Association under Austrian law, with its Joint Office in Vienna. The RNE homepage offers links to the Network Statements of all RNE Members, to the sales contacts (One-Stop Shops) and to the authorities responsible for issuing authorisations and safety certificates. For the promotion and simplification of international rail transport, the RNE Members offer above all the following services.


Every member of RNE has a designated sales contact for international transport. This One-Stop Shop provides advice to RUs, particularly on questions surrounding cross-border train-path planning. The RUs can choose which One-Stop Shop in which country they would like to provide them with such advice.

Cross-border catalogue paths

On corridors specially defined by RNE, cross-border train-path offers (catalogue paths) are published 11 months before timetable changeover. These pre-constructed paths are created independently of any concrete demand.

CIS (formerly EICIS)

On its homepage, RNE offers a European Infrastructure Charging Information System (EICIS), with which price calculations can be made for international paths.

Customer Information  Platform

The Customer Information Platform (CIP) is an interactive, internet-based information tool hosted on the RNE homepage. With a graphical user interface, CIP provides its with precise information about the route, terminals and infrastructure projects as well as the basic properties of the  Rail Freight Corridors.