Deutsche Bahn

DB rail network open to foreign users

On the basis of section 14 (2) of the General Railway Act (AEG), access to the rail infrastructure of DB Netz AG is open to railway undertakings (RUs) from EU member states wishing to operate freight transport and international passenger transport.

Prior to the first train-path application, an infrastructure usage contract defining the principles that underpin the contractual relationship (Standard Contract of Use) must be concluded with DB Netz AG. The contact for foreign RUs is the One-Stop Shop (OSS).

  • Licence: RUs that are in possession of an licence in their own state which complies with EU regulations require no additional authorisation in Germany. They merely need to prove to the Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt) that they are licensed.
  • Safety certification: RUs do however unfailingly require, in addition to a safety certificate from their own state which complies with EU regulations, an additional German safety certificate pursuant to section 7 a (4) of the AEG. Further information can be obtained from the Federal Railway Authority.
  • Liability insurance: proof is required of the conclusion of liability insurance pursuant to the regulations of the “Deutsche Verordnung über die Haftpflichtversicherung der Eisenbahnen” (“German Regulation on the Liability Insurance of Railways”) (EBHaftPflV). Policies are obtainable from Deutsche Verkehrsassekuranz (
  • Principles IUC: the contact responsible for the conclusion of a Principles IUC for foreign RUs is the One-Stop Shop (OSS).