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About 44,000 employees are responsible for operation and maintenance of Europe’s largest rail network.

DB Netz AG is the railway infrastructure manager of Deutsche Bahn AG. With around 44,000 employees, it is responsible for the approximately 33,300 kilometre long rail network, including all operationally necessary installations. An average of 40,000 trains are using DB Netz AG’s infrastructure per day. Thus DB Netz AG was able to generate revenues in the 2016 business year of EUR 5,2m.

The main task is to make available to the around 420 RUs a high–quality, high-availability and non-discriminatory infrastructure and to manage the operation of said infrastructure. This includes the compilation of timetables in close cooperation with our customers and the repair and maintenance of the rail network. In addition, investment in the existing network, in modern command and control technology and in plans for building new lines and upgrading old ones ensures the further development of the rail infrastructure.

DB Netz AG in figures for the 2016 business year:

Total operating performance (in m train-path kilometres)1.053
Number of employees


Length of line operated (in km)33.241
Length of all track (in km)60.512
Switches and crossings66.454
Level crossings13.862
Tunnels (number/ length in km)708 / 537,7
Railway bridges and viaducts25.119
Signal boxes (of which electronic signal boxes)2.776 (361)

(Source: 2016 Annual Report, Dates&Facts 2015, as at 31 December 2016) 

The DB Group has been publishing the Annual Reports of its individual companies, which were founded within the scope of the second stage of the Rail Reform, in German since 2001. These are the year-end financial statements of the individual companies concerned.