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Leading track services provider

The protection of employees from the dangers of railway operations is as much a part of the service portfolio of DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH as construction site logistics and complete solutions for all facets of track management.

DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH is a Germany-wide organisation which offers services for construction site safety, logistics and track management in a variety of locations.


Track management

All branch offices and service units offer the entire service range:

  • carrying out vegetation management measures
  • planning and carrying out accompanying measures for landscape conservation
  • planning and implementing measures to guarantee and maintain adherence to legal requirements for the protection of both nature and species
  • carrying out rail and switch maintenance
  • planning and carrying out winter services for the track
  • compiling tree assessments and tree registers
  • carrying out rock clearances and rock securing
  • carrying out measures to clear construction sites
  • carrying out demolition and dismantling


Construction site services

The range of safety measures which are possible in the process extends

  • from conventional safety measures,
  • to automatic warning systems (AWS),
  • and through to fixed barriers.

Above and beyond this, DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH avails of a training centre in Neudietendorf near Erfurt, where, in cooperation with DB Training, staff are given basic and advanced training, and are qualified in the use of AWS in accordance with DB Netz AG standards.



Here, the range of services comprises:

  • the elaboration of logistics concepts
  • the provision of locomotives for engineers’ trains and / or drivers, logistics managers, construction dept. shunters and guards (guards for engineer’s trains), pilots, drivers of special vehicles and vehicle inspectors
  • the arrangement of storage possibilities and unscheduled special services
  • the compilation and updating of operations schedules
  • the compilation and commissioning of timetables
  • the supply and collection of track machines and empty wagons
  • the transport of materials from the supplier to the construction site and the removal of old materials

If you have any questions, DB Fahrwegdienste contacts will be happy to help you.


Head of Track Management Technology
Olaf Braunert
Phone: +49 30 297 53753
Head of Construction Site Services Technology
Christian Franke
Phone: +49 30 297 53701
Head of Logistics
Dr. Udo Altmeier
Phone: +49 721 938 6000