Leading track services provider

Article: Leading track services provider

Germany's leading provider of rail-related services.

DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH is Germany's leading provider of system services for all aspects of rail track maintenance.

We are specialists in vegetation care as well as in environmental and project management. We secure track construction sites with qualified personnel and state-of-the-art technology. Our logistics support more than 100,000 construction sites annually with the delivery and removal of materials. As a 100% subsidiary of DB Netz AG, we are a company that has been growing continuously since 2002. In our 7 branch offices throughout Germany we employ over 3,000 people who, together with our innovative spirit, quality and reliability, ensure comprehensive service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Our business mission: To support and ensure the maintenance of railroad infrastructure

Grafik DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH

PERFORMANCE SPECTRUM Vegetation and track maintenance

We offer sustainable vegetation management along the DB rail network in compliance with nature conservation regulations.

  • Vegetation maintenance along the DB rail network and traction power lines to maintain operational and traffic safety
  • Planning and implementation of as-built maintenance measures using special methods such as rope climbing techniques, walking excavators and backhoe technology and helicopters
  • Provision of vegetation services for the preparation of large-scale measures
  • Emergency operations and storm damage repair
  • Winter services

PERFORMANCE SPECTRUM Environmental and Project Management (UPM)

In addition to the focus on vegetation management along the DB rail network, we also implement other services in the field of environmental and nature conservation:

  • Inspection of vegetation on DB areas and along the rail network
  • Digital remote sensing and en-route flight using unmanned aerial systems (drones)
  • Digital tree and vegetation register (FaFIS)
  • Environmental construction supervision (UBÜ)
  • Planning and implementation of LBP measures and other nature and species conservation measures
  • Data Management Specialized Information System
  • Nature conservation and compensation measures

PERFORMANCE SPECTRUM Construction site safety (conventional and automatic)

Our security forces and ultra-modern technology reliably protect construction site teams on the track from dangers posed by moving rail vehicles. We also train and educate specialists for ATWS, MFW, TH-BÜP according to nationwide standards.

  • Fixed barriers
  • Automatic warning systems (cable- and radio-based)
  • Planning, installation, functional acceptance, operation and dismantling of the systems
  • Signalling of track construction sites (e.g. Lf/El signals, Sh-2 discs)
  • Minimel 95 with ALADIN and components for machine warning
  • Mobile radio-based warning systems - AUTOPROWA
  • Plan review on behalf of DB Netz AG
  • Level crossing, auxiliary, safety, shut-off and reporting posts as well as switching applicants and railroad grounding
  • Technical support posts for level crossings
  • Assembly and calibration of PZB magnets


Our logistics division with 7 regional service areas offers comprehensive services for the supply and disposal of track construction sites throughout Germany. We offer all services in this segment from one source:

  • Track-bound deliveries for DB construction sites
  • Feeding of construction machines and cranes
  • Rail-bound disposal of mineral waste
  • 20ft Iso containers in combined transport (rail-road)
  • Renting of freight wagons
  • Work train locomotives with drivers
  • Execution of specialist logistics services by logisticians, ZF/RB Bau, wagon masters and route experts
  • Flushing of the deep drainage with low-floor trolleys
  • Graveling and rail maintenance system
  • Track-bound bridge inspection with own low-floor wagons
  • Automatic switch inspection with own track working vehicle (GAF)
  • Winter services (snow removal)

Our contacts at DB Fahrwegdienste will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Technical Manager Track Maintenance and Winter
Olaf Braunert
Phone: +49 30 297 53753
You can contact us with questions regarding vegetation through vegetation@deutschebahn.com

Technical Manager Environmental and Project Management (UPM)
Kirsten Finge
Phone: +49 203 30174500

Technical Manager Construction Site Service
Christian Franke
Phone: +49 30 297 53701

Logistics Manager
Thomas Nedwed
Phone: +49 721 938 2170