Signalwerk Wuppertal

Signalwerk Wuppertal

Article: Signalwerk Wuppertal

The Signalwerk Wuppertal is an innovative and competent partner for the provision of spare parts of command and control technology (CCT).

The Signalwerk Wuppertal creates an important precondition for economical operation of the railway infrastructure by ensuring high availability of spare parts. Cost-intensive closures of whole track sections are rare, thanks to the needs-based supply by the Signalwerk Wuppertal.

DB Netz AG’s Signalwerk Wuppertal thus makes a decisive contribution to increasing the efficiency of the railway network. These include, besides DB Netz AG, also other operators of railway lines such as industrial and harbour railways.

About 54,000 different CCT articles for maintenance services – brand new or refurbished in-house – are permanently available from the plants’ own logistics centre (11,818 m²). Mainly for older types of signal boxes, the Signalwerk Wuppertal makes approximately 6,000 of these materials available for re-use after in-house refurbishment. Time-critical articles – especially for fault rectification – are with the customer, within a few hours, 365 days a year. Thanks to the “Signalwerk Wuppertal optimised inventory strategy” (OBS-SW).

These services and products are highly valued by our customers due to the high quality standards and the adherence to deadlines. In 2000, the Signalwerk Wuppertal had already introduced a quality management system conforming to ISO 9001. In a further step, the environmental management system conforming to ISO 14001 was audited in 2005 and integrated into the standard process. As a continuous further development, occupational safety aspects were incorporated into the integrated management system (OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).

Bundled procurement of brand new CCT replacement parts and economies through in-house refurbishments guarantee our customers an optimum price level.

A multifaceted service range:

  • delivery of ca. 54,000 different CCT materials
  • transport and logistics advice as well as technical consulting
  • 24-hour on-call service, 365 days a year
  • repair, maintenance and refurbishment work on technical materials for signal boxes
  • testing, renewal and maintenance of power supply and battery equipment
  • inspection, exchange, renewal and maintenance of train formation installations
  • customer-specific manufacture of signalling components
  • professional assessment, consultation and organisation of recycling valuable CCT materials
  • dismantling of CCT installations
  • professional disposal of non-recyclable CCT materials

A comprehensive product range:

  • signal box internal installations (relay groups, electrical assemblies, wiring, cable harnesses, racks, motor relays)
  • signal box external installations (movable scotches, switch motors, signal installations, barrier motors)
  • inductive train protection systems (track and vehicle equipment)
  • level crossing technology (barrier motors and interior installations)
  • clear-track signalling systems (track circuits, axle counters)
  • power supply and battery equipment (batteries, rectifiers, transformers)
  • train formation equipment (TW-type track brakes, retarders, air pressure reservoirs)

The company, which was founded in 1939 as a signal and telegraph workshop, today employs approximately 550 employees at the three locations: Wuppertal, Brunswick and Cottbus.

Head of production and engineering
Heiko Winnen
Phone: +49 202 35- 1400
Commercial director
Anke Wargh
Technical consulting
Michael Dickmann
Phone: +49 202 35- 2639
Head of customer management
Olaf Brockhaus
Phone: +49 202 35-2784