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Article: Witten Track Materials Plant

The Witten Switch Plant and the Schwandorf Sleeper Plant guarantee the supply of track materials to DB Netz AG, nationwide. Thousands of trains run daily over switches, crossings and other track materials from these plants.

Railway lines constitute an important basis of Germany’s infrastructure. Traffic forecasts predict the increasing transfer of passenger and freight transport to the railways. Whether in local or long distance transport, the daily train movements over 33,897 kilometres of railway line across Germany and over more than 70,000 switches place high demands on track quality and reliability.

More than 140 years of experience, coupled with the most modern manufacturing technology, guarantee products of the highest quality. In the Witten Switch Plant, over 1,200 switches and crossings and several thousand major switch components such as switch blades, frogs and check rails are produced annually. The switches are transported to their installation location on switch carrier wagons either as single components or completely assembled in segment construction.

The manufacture of wooden sleepers and base plates as well as the assembly of switches prefabricated in Witten takes place in Schwandorf. In both locations, temporary sections of rail and glued insulated block joints are manufactured and the total range of track materials is held in store.
Products from Witten and Schwandorf therefore point the way in the truest sense of the words for rail transport in Germany. They make an important contribution to the operation of a high performance, safe railway infrastructure.

As well as manufacturing for new investments and maintenance services, the Witten Track Materials Plant also offers emergency management in the form of permanent way support, around the clock, 365 days a year. Urgently needed track materials can be delivered within 24 hours, throughout Germany.

The Witten Track Materials Plant belongs to DB Netz AG’s Production Division. Thanks to numerous investments and innovative development, the Witten Track Materials Plant is today one of the most modern manufacturing centres for switch technology in Europe.


Emergency management Witten Switch Plant
Phone:     +49 2302 1710-310
Fax:         +49 2302 1710-343
Mobile:     +49 171-7952690

Emergency management Schwandorf Sleeper Plant
Phone:      +49 9431 29-384
Fax:           +49 9431 29-383
Mobile:      +49 171-5633736

Your contact

Hubertus Willeke

Head of Track Materials Plant Witten

DB Netz AG

Kronenstr. 25
58452 Witten

Sales Witten: Major switch components / constr. materials / material no. info

Christian Suhren

Head of Schwandorf Sleeper Plant

Schwandorf location

Schwellenwerkstraße 15
92421 Schwandorf

Sales Schwandorf: Switch sleepers / track sleepers / base plates

Sales Schwandorf: Tracks / insulated block joints / switch installation

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