DB Netz AG is a decentralised organisation

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Article: DB Netz AG is a decentralised organisation

We provide individual support for our customers from our headquarters in Frankfurt/Main and the seven regional units across the country.

Customer enquiries will be dealt with by the relevant Sales team in cooperation with our contact persons from the Timetabling departments.

Companies which are active throughout Germany will also be individually supported by one regional unit. In most cases, the supporting regional unit will depend on the location of the customer’s head office.

Support offrered by the regional units is multifaceted:
Regional Sales supports customers of DB Netz AG in all enquiries regarding the following subjects:

  • all aspects of timetabling
  • preparation for new transport services
  • network access from a transport and infrastructure point of view
  • drafting and completion of infrastructure usage contracts
  • the accounting process for usage charges.

The regional units' Timetabling departments look after DB Netz AG's customers in all enquiries regarding the following subjects:

  • working timetable
  • specific pathing questions (also for the working timetable)
  • ad-hoc scheduling during the year (occasional passenger and freight services; special consignments; engineering timetables / timetable adjustments due to engineering work)
  • train-path applications for occasional services

Our Customer Centre "Netzfahrplan" offers you comprehensive advice on fundamental matters regarding the following subjects:

  • train path applications for the working timetable
  • acceptance of train-path applications for the working timetable
  • draft working timetable
  • train path offers for the working timetable
  • application for framework agreements
  • framework agreement offers

For any further questions please use our contact forms.