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PlanPro - The future of CCS planning is digital

PlanPro accomplishes the basis of a continuous digital data management without any media disruption for control and command systems, initially just for electronic interlocking (IXL).

Planning process PlanPro

Planning support:

Acceleration of planning processes for electronic interlocking by rationalisation and elimination of “paper interfaces”, standardisation of planning, automation of routine tasks and plausibility checks.

Operational planning survey:

Avoiding order changes and amendments by the chance of realistic operational surveys of IXL-planning, without any media disruption and already during the early design phase.

Optimising data management:

Avoiding data redundancy and multiple inputs in data systems for infrastructure, improved purchasing conditions of IXL in case of complete digital data transfer.

The open data model of the control and command systems of DB Netz AG contains all projectable data including the required process data. Current state is version 1.8, published February 20th, 2017. 

Target groups of PlanPro:

  • CCS suppliers
  • CCS planning offices
  • Project managers
  • Planers
  • Plan inspectors
  • Acceptance inspector
  • Asset managers
  • Software developer