Deutsche Bahn

Electronic working timetable and speed restrictions

EBuLa radio (Electronic working timetable and speed restrictions) is also available for special trains from the summer After successful testing, the use of EBuLa radio for occasional services also is almost within reach.

DB Netz AG has taken a large step towards its objective of also using EBuLa radio for occasional services: three months after commencement of the first phase of testing, the IT specifications have been defined and the technical preconditions for data processing in the timetable compilation systems have been implemented. “We have already been able to supply more than 3,000 special trains with EBuLa timetable data by radio”, says Wieland Friedrich, Head of the EBuLa System Department, taking stock.
The benefits of radio transmission of timetable data for special trains can easily be seen:

  • The measures previously necessary involving the handover of the timetable notice to the train driver are dropped.
  • The data are available on the EBuLa radio server immediately after the conclusion of timetable processing.
  • Updating takes place online via GSM-R train radio.
  • Train drivers have the timetable data which are relevant to them in view on the cab display.

If testing in practise goes according to plan, then the input of the train number to the onboard EBuLa terminal and the automatic set-up of calls to the EBuLa radio server via the GSM-R train radio terminal will also be a matter of course for special trains, in all probability from summer 2010. Friedrich: “The process of adapting the regulatory basis is in progress. Our customers will be briefed on these innovations at a special event.”