Electronic working timetable and speed restrictions

Führerraumanzeige Fahrplan (EBuLa)

Article: Electronic working timetable and speed restrictions

EBuLa (Electronic timetable and Directory of Speed Restrictions) is an established method of DB Netz AG for displaying timetable information for the driver.

Although the inclusion of information from the "Directory of Speed Restrictions" is currently disabled, with EBuLa the RU (Railway Undertakings) in the area of DB Netz AG will receive an established procedure for visualizing the Timetable data.

In addition to the trains of the annual schedule ("Netzfahrplan"), additional trains ("Züge des Gelegenheitsverkehrs") are also fully included.

The current state of development is not yet a conclusion. In the area of the timetable-IT of DB Netz AG, a solution is being worked out with high pressure in order to include the previously not included schedule orders (FPLO) in the procedure EBuLa for reasons of the company. A first step (the so-called "daily current timetable") makes the cumbersome application of supplementary timetables obsolete. An activation for all EBuLa-using RU is about to begin.

The instructions for the use of the procedure, in concrete terms:

  • Operation of the EBuLa-on-board devices
  • Description of the functionalities
  • Operation of the fallback level in case of failure or unavailability of technical components

is included in the rules R 497  "EBuLa Richtlinie" and can be obtained via DB communication.

The integration of new users takes place through regional customer management. For further inquiries, the EBULA Systemstelle (available via the contact details) is at your disposal at any time.