From 2016 long freight trains up to 835 m can run to the Port of Hamburg

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Article: From 2016 long freight trains up to 835 m can run to the Port of Hamburg

Since the end of 2012 freight trains run between Padborg and Maschen with a length up to 835 m regularly.

Longer trains are an important element for coping with the forecast growth in freight transport and for increasing the transport capacity for a given investment in infrastructure. For the customers of DB Netz AG and Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) the increase in train lengths represents an opportunity for more efficient deployment of resources.

In Denmark, a train length of up to 835 m was possible already before 2012. The introduction of a maximum train length of 835 m on the route Padborg – Maschen has strengthened the international transport relationship between Germany and Denmark. In Germany, the permitted maximum train length was exceeded with the train length of up to 835 m for the first time.

As of December 2015 the offer of running 835 m long trains will be expanded to the Port of Hamburg. Therefore, the connection between the relation Padborg – Maschen and Hohe Schaar at the Port of Hamburg was checked for 835 m trains. This can be seen as the result of the successful collaboration between DB Netz AG and HPA.

Special conditions

For the operation of up to 835 m long trains, special conditions regarding safety and operations must be taken into account. These are enshrined in the current regulations and listed in addition to the approved routes already in the SNB in 2016 under point 3.3 (network description) and in the NBS BT of the Hamburg Port Authority under point 3.8.

Train operating companies must ensure that all special conditions are observed and implemented during the operation of an 835 m train. In accordance with the current procedure, this must be proven on demand to the Federal Railway Authority.

The sales teams in the Regional Units as well as at Headquarters are at your disposal for any customer enquiries. Further details of the procedure on the infrastructure of the Hamburg Port Authority are listed under