Biggest-ever modernisation programme for the existing network

Investitionen in die Infrastruktur

Article: Biggest-ever modernisation programme for the existing network

Construction sites are necessary.

A high-performing, modern rail network on which trains can travel with minimal disruption is the basis for punctual, reliable, high-quality rail services. That is why we are currently implementing the railway’s biggest-ever modernisation plan for existing infrastructure.

The Performance and Financing Agreement (LuFV II) between Deutsche Bahn and the German government forms the basis for the comprehensive rejuvenation of tracks, sleepers, points and equipment. This is providing some 28 billion euros for the existing rail network between 2015 and 2019 – including 11 billion euros for the permanent way alone.

Engineering work is taking place at up to 850 construction sites a day. DB is keeping the impact of this work on passengers and freight customers to a minimum. Combining activities in corridors and optimising construction management enabled an 11 % reduction in delays in 2016, despite the increase in construction activity. Digital solutions and additional staff are optimising construction planning and thus further reducing disruption to rail services.

The “Zukunft Netz” initiative was set up to achieve these objectives. Zukunft Netz is part of DB’s Zukunft Bahn programme, which is implementing the company’s long-term vision and mission. Its key aspects are capacity, quality and simplicity. High customer satisfaction and providing top-quality services for our customers are a particular focus.