KiGbau: individual evaluation simplifies coordination

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Article: KiGbau: individual evaluation simplifies coordination

The customer information service for major engineering work (KiGbau) was so far available as Excel tables. Now it is available on the Internet: a clear improvement for users.

“KiGbau” (customer information service for major engineering work) contains substantial planned engineering work which has a considerable impact on railway undertakings (RUs) and other access parties. DB Netz AG now provides information about major engineering work in a user-friendly and interactive way. Previously only supplied as an Excel table, the KiGbau is now available as an Internet application. This brings numerous improvements for customers:

  • evaluation according to your own requirements using various filters
  • updates can be easily traced
  • simplified process of coordination between the customer and DB Netz AG

For an easy start to working with the new application, German-language user information is available for download here. The application itself is also in German. To prevent improper use, only nominated representatives of railway undertakings and other access parties will be given access to KiGbau on the Internet. Interested parties can apply to the Customer Management team for access. The Customer Management team is also available to answer any questions you may have.

Further information and the application is only available in German. If you are interested in the German issues, please click here.