International coordination of construction works

Article: International coordination of construction works

Ensure capacity for international traffic

The coordination of construction works is an important part of DB Netz AG's international activities. The aim is to provide customers in international traffic with the best possible capacity on railways and to inform them about planned construction works at an early stage. To this end, DB Netz AG coordinates construction works along European transport axes and their alternative routes with its neighboring Infrastructure Managers in order to minimize the impact on the market.

The exchange of information on construction works affecting neighboring Infrastructure Managers begins more than three years before the change of timetable, in order to be able to identify and resolve potential conflicts at an early stage and to give Applicants enough time to prepare for the planned restrictions. DB Netz and the neighboring Infrastructure Managers will actively involve the Applicants in joint cross-border meetings. The procedure with regard to the exchange with the neighboring Infrastructure Managers complies with the requirements of Annex VII of Directive 2012/34/EU on the establishment of a single European railway area.