International Customers

Article: International Customers

The One-Stop Shop of DB Netz AG - advice from a single source

As One-Stop Shop, we are your central point of contact for the German rail network

To promote and simplify international network access, the RNE member companies offer a network of so-called One-Stop Shops. This transnational association of One-Stop Shops was established to support railway undertakings (RUs) and other applicants in planning cross-border rail services.

The One-Stop Shop network ensures 

  • competent and fast assistance for all cross-border traffic according to the motto  "one face to the customer" and on the basis of transparent, reliable and non-discriminatory processes
  • information on network access in terms of traffic and infrastructure, train path prices, services and charges
  • obtainment of information on the network usage conditions of other infrastructure managers

DB Netz AG's One-Stop Shop acts as a central point of contact for all issues relating to the use of train paths on the German rail network. The great advantage of this service is the internationally oriented advice, which is primarily aimed at increasing the competitiveness of European rail freight transport - through increased capacity, higher service quality and better information.

Are you a railway undertaking or another applicant and do you need support with cross-border transport planning or do you have questions about the infrastructure of DB Netz AG or neighbouring European railway infrastructures? Contact us at

Please note the following information:

For detailed information on cross-border traffic, please refer to Guideline 302 ("Cross-border railway lines") as part of the operational-technical regulations (click here for more information).