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Gateway to European Rail Infrastructure

RNE is the network of European Rail Infrastructure Managers

RailNetEurope (RNE) was established in January 2004 on the initiative of a number of European Railway Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies with the aim of implementing a common, Europe-wide organisation to facilitate their international business. Today RNE has 34 full members from 25 different countries and 10 associated members (the rail freight corridors). The rail network of the member companies totals well over 230,000 kilometres.

As a founding member of RNE, DB Netz AG strives to simplify access for international customers through transparent information and harmonised processes.

To promote and simplify international network access, RNE members offer the following services, among others:

Network of one-stop shops

The members of RNE have appointed permanent contact persons for international transport in their organisations. This so-called one-stop-shop advises railway undertakings (RUs) and authorised users (ACs) specifically on questions of network access and the product portfolio.

RNE's range of services includes various IT applications, such as

Customer Information Platform (CIP)

The Customer Information Platform (CIP) is an interactive, Internet-based information tool hosted on the RNE homepage.  Through a graphical user interface, CIP provides its users with precise information about the route, terminals and infrastructure projects as well as basic route characteristics of the rail-freight corridors.

Train Information System (TIS)

The Train Information System (TIS) is a web-based application that provides real-time train data for international passenger and freight trains. The relevant data is obtained directly from the Infrastructure Managers’ systems.