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Summarized information on border stations and the relevant border routes between Lindau-Reutin

Border stations

Lindau-Reutin - Lochau-Hörbranz (- Bregenz)

Infrastructure data (ISR)


Traffic profile

Regional and nationwide passenger- and freight trains

Numbers and type of tracks

2, electrified only to Lindau Hbf

Station of operation exchange

Pessenger traffic:  Lindau Hbf, Bregenz (ÖBB)

Freight traffic: Lindau-Reutin, Wolfurt (ÖBB)

Train radio

Nationwide GSM-R; net switch from GSM-R (D) to GSM-R (A) on open track

Train control

PZB 90 (DB Netz AG)

Line category

D 4 (informations of heavy transports on demand)



Responsible timetable construction

From/to Lindau Hbf ÖBB Infrastruktur und Betrieb AG

Responsible Regionalbereich by DB Netz AG


Service facility (Anlagenportal DB Netz)

Lindau Hbf  Locomotives exchange and parking

Lindau/Reutin Locomotives exchange and parking

Bregenz Locomotives exchange

Wolfurt Locomotives exchange and parking

Data of  the border area 

Streckentitelblatt; Betriebsstellenbeschreibung Hörbanz