Article: Benefits

Rail Freight Corridors provide companies offering international rail freight services with a wide range of benefits, including:

  1. A timetable with coordinated border-crossings for corridor paths both for the yearly timetable (Pre-Arranged Paths – PAPs) and for ad hoc traffic during the running timetable (Reserve Capacity - RC)
  2. A single point of contact for placing PAP and RC requests and receiving a path offer, the Corridor One-Stop-Shop
  3. Possibility of ordering PAPs including feeder and outflow paths
  4. A single booking tool (Path Coordination System - PCS) for managing the requests
  5. Publication of PAPs already 11 months before timetable change
  6. Pre-allocation decision on PAPs already communicated in the end of April
  7. A single allocation decision following harmonized corridor rules for conflicting requests
  8. In case a PAP request is not successful due to conflicts, this request is valid and will be treated in the yearly timetable process
  9. All relevant information to the customers about the corridors is included in the Corridor Information Documents which can be found on the Customer Information Platform (CIP). The information in the CIDs includes:
    1. RFC-relevant excerpts from the national Network Statements
    2. A description of RFC-relevant terminals
    3. A description of principles and processes for Capacity and Traffic Management
    4. An Implementation Plan including corridor description, action programme for setting up the corridor, the most important parts of the transport market study and the corridor targets regarding performance capability and level
    5. An indicative Investment Plan showing the medium and long-term investments, the development of interoperable systems as well as measures to remove bottlenecks on the corridor