Deutsche Bahn

Crossborder freight train path

On the freight traffice corridors, two products are offered exclusively for cross-border traffic and are marketed exclusively by the Corridor One-Stop-Shop (C-OSS) via the international booking tool Path Coordination System (PCS)

Pre-Arranged Paths (PAPs) are offered in the annual timetable. PAPs are pre-agreed with the other European railway infrastructure operators and agreed upon at the borders. They are preconstructed and are already offered 11 months before the timetable change and are published in a route catalog. In addition, it is possible to extend these catalog paths by tailor-made feeder and outflow routes.

Reserve Capacity (RC) shows free capacity for international ad-hoc routes in the occasional timetable and can be requested on corridors up to 30 days before train travel at C-OSS.

Corridor one-stop shop (C-OSS)

The C-OSS is the exclusive contact for the route offer. It is responsible for the infrastructure managers / allocation bodies for the train path ordering and assignment procedure.

The C-OSS processes applications based on priority priority rules, which are harmonized on all SGV corridors. This ensures that all international train path requests are handled on the corridor according to uniform rules.

For each corridor there is a responsible C-OSS, which acts as a contact for the customers on the train path offers. In the case of corridor-spanning route requests, the assignment takes place in close cooperation with the C-OSS of the other corridors.

Path Coordination System (PCS)

The international booking tool Path Coordination System (PCS) is used for the ordering procedures for train path offers at C-OSS. The PCS customer manual of DB Netz AG contains detailed operating instructions. Further information can also be found on the RailNetEurope (RNE) website at

CIS (formerly EICIS)

RNE offers on its homepage an indicative route price information system, which can be used to calculate the price of international routes. As the founding member of RNE, DB Netz AG strives to simplify access to international routes through transparent information and harmonized processes.