Basics of the Register of Infrastructure

Bahnübergang mit Halbschranke und Lichtsignal

Article: Basics of the Register of Infrastructure

Background and instructions for use of the interactive map

The register of infrastructure (ISR) is an information system on the infrastructure of Deutsche Bahn AG.

Content of the register of infrastructure is the information of the current situation and the expected occurrence of future timetable periods. It is available to all who need information to rail infrastructure and ensures the standard description of the technical and operational infrastructure. DB Netz AG is responsible for operation and development of the infrastructure register.

The ISR contains information about the infrastructure of DB Netz AG, DB Station & Service AG, DB Energie GmbH, Usedomer Bäderbahn GmbH and DB RegioNetz Infrastruktur GmbH. The register of infrastructure includes the necessary description of the infrastructure in the context of the network statement for the area of DB Netz AG.The User Manual consists of two parts. Part I describes essentially legal and technical backgrounds. Part II provides an overview of the functions and the use of the interactive map (called SNB / ISR viewer).