Railway vehicles


Article: Railway vehicles

Information on actively using vehicles in the railway infrastructure operated and maintained by DB Netz AG.

Vehicles that have corresponding certification (homologation) may be actively used in the railway infrastructure operated and maintained by DB Netz AG.

Certification can take the form of formal acceptance in accordance with the EBO (Railway Construction and Operation Regulations) for older vehicles or as a commissioning permit in accordance with the TEIV (Trans-European Rail Interoperability Order) for newer vehicles. The certification routine ensures that a vehicle can be safely operated. In addition, as a result of the characteristics of our railway, certain, special requirements are placed on the vehicles in specific areas. These special requirements and conditions must be fulfilled in order to safeguard the troublefree operation of the railway activities. In other words, additional rules and regulations must be noted and observed to maintain and uphold operational interaction and technical compatibility.

Corresponding technical properties are referenced in guideline requirement 810 ("Technical Network Access for Vehicles") and defined as constituting part of the network statement (SNB) (DB Netz AG Network Statement)

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