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Interaction between the vehicle pantograph and overhead line

In accordance with paragraph 5, section 3 of SNB-RW 810.0242 with regards to the aforementioned topic, here you can access the travel route parameters required to validate the simulation environment.

Travel route parameters used to determine pantograph spacing with critical railway track parameters.

To determine the pantograph spacing with critical railway track parameters, calculations can be made and tested in a simulation model. The model is based on a route section. In order to take into account the properties of the overhead line constructions in the network, calculations must be made in relation to the travel speed. For vehicles that travel in a regionally based environment, it is sufficient to simulate an Re 200 setting. The attached file describes the parameters for a sample route that has been selected.

For trains that have a travel speed in excess of 200 km/h, additional calculations must be made using the model in accordance with E DIN EN 50318:02-2017, appendix B.2 (model with Y-provision).