Train path price information

Weichenstraße und Gleisverbindungen im Bahnhof Weimar

Article: Train path price information

You can use the train path price calculator to calculate the charge for your track access yourself without obligation.

The train path price calculator is available at:

Please note:
the train path price information using the train path price calculator app is without obligation, and does not therefore equate to a binding train path offer from DB Netz AG.

CIS train path price information (previously EICIS)

The European Infrastructure Charging Information System (CIS) from RailNetEurope (RNE) is available online. CIS not only enables you to calculate train path charges on the DB Netz AG rail network but also for cross-border train paths in many different rail networks throughout Europe.

This means that you can choose the most convenient method for calculating the train path charges yourself.