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NDTAC bonus for RUs that use quiet freight wagons

With the introduction of noise-differentiated track access charges (NDTAC), DB Netz AG is creating incentives for the use of quiet freight wagons.

In the interest of local residents and the environment, Deutsche Bahn has set itself the goal of significantly and permanently reducing train noise by 2020. A universal effect is achieved by reducing noise directly on wagons. With the incentives from the NDTAC, DB Netz AG is therefore promoting the upgrading of existing freight wagons to low-noise brake technologies.

The NDTAC system is a cycle that is financed by the rail undertakings themselves and has zero impact on DB Netz AG's revenues. It contains two essential elements: the penalty and the bonus.

The surcharge is levied as a supplement on the regular track access charge for the use of loud freight trains. The surcharge is currently 7,0% of the train path price and will be collected for the last time in timetable period 2019/20. As a succession plan, the Railway Noise Mitigation Act shall apply from 13 December 2020. Quiet freight trains do not pay a surcharge if corresponding proof – according to the DB Netz AG format template (download version) – per day of service and train number is provided by the first working day of the subsequent month using a self-declaration. By definition, a train is regarded as quiet if it consists of at least 90% quiet wagons. All of the income from the penalty is used to grant the NDTAC bonus.

The bonus is dependent on mileage, and serves as an additional incentive for the RUs to use noise-reduced wagons.

Each RU that operates on the DB Netz AG rail network with retrofitted freight wagons is entitled to financial support of 0.5 cents per axle-kilometre. This promotion is scheduled for eight years.

The RU can choose between 2 methods of achieving the bonus

1. The RU operates in Germany:

Please use the DB Netz AG retrofit register to apply for the bonus. Applications can be submitted for each working timetable period from 1st January to 31st May of the following year. The retrofit register is available at

2. The RU operates in Germany and Switzerland and/or the Netherlands and/or Austria:

Please use the single-entry point (SEP) to apply for the bonus. In addition to Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and/or Austria have also introduced bonus programs to fund the retrofitting of freight wagons. All customers that operate in Germany and Switzerland and/or the Netherlands can use the single-entry-point to submit one single application for the bonus in one, two, three or all four of the countries. As a result, it is no longer necessary to submit one application per country; instead a single application can be submitted for all four countries.

You can find the application form for the single-entry point as well as a detailed guide and other important information on the Internet at

Further details on the application processes are only available in german. For further questions concerning this topic please write an email to the email adress mentioned on the right.