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Further elements

Further elements are used to add surcharges or discounts to the train path charges in the TPS 2018.

New sector discount

In order to promote the development of new rail transport connections, DB Netz AG grants temporally limited price reductions in the form of a 20 percent discount on the train path charge. This price reduction is granted for a period of 12 months and as of a minimum of 10 train paths from the commencement of operations.
The Access Party must demonstrate in writing that this involves a newly acquired or completely new rail transport connection in intermodal competition. The new sector discount does not apply to the noise-differentiated charge component.

Charge for issuing an offer

The costs involved with processing applications for the allocation of train paths are included in the train path charge. As a result of this, a processing charge for offer preparation is levied on failure to accept a requested train path.
The charge for offer preparation is calculated as follows:

Charge for offer preparation = timetable costs * train path kilometres * number of transport days

The timetable costs are shown in Annex 6.2 of the Network Statement 2018 (List of Charges 2018) per market segment.

Movements outside line operating hours

Staffing of the signal boxes is covered with the train path charge if the order is within the scope of the working timetable or the signal box is already staffed for occasional traffic. An additional fee is charged if signal boxes are additionally staffed in occasional traffic. The charge is 30 euros per 30 minutes or part thereof. At least three man hours are charged for each shift or part thereof.

Detailed information on the further elements can be found in Chapter 6.3.2 of the Network Statement 2018.


Information on the noise-differentiated track access charges can be found under NDTAC.