Train path application for ad hoc services

Article: Train path application for ad hoc services

Overview of information for applying for train paths for ad hoc services on the DB Netz AG infrastructure.

Applications for ad hoc services involve:

  • Applications outside of the working timetable or outside of the working timetable
  • Amendment applications for train paths in the working timetable
  • Amendment applications for ad hoc service train paths

Train paths for ad hoc services are designed within the framework of the surplus infrastructure capacity.

Detailed data such as the intended rolling stock, the desired running period and the planned course of the journey, for instance, are required in the train path application to design a high-quality train path that meets the customers' requirements.

DB Netz AG provides the train path portal train path portal (TPN) for train path applications; it is connected to internal IT system by means of an interface, and is also accessible from the Internet. The use of electronic data exchange must be agreed between DB Netz AG and the Access Parties. For all other cases, binding forms are issued for facilitating and structuring the data required for designing train paths. If forms are used for the train path applications, they can be transferred using an electronic data medium, by e-mail or using other agreed channels of communication. Verbal or telephone train path applications are ruled out in all cases.

The following application forms and guidelines for train path applications for ad hoc services are available for downloading:
  • Explanations on the train path applications can be found in (Guideline 402.0202)
  • Guideline for the train path application for ad hoc services (GL 402.0202A02)
  • Guideline for the working timetable train path application (GL 402.0202A01)
  • Guideline for train path applications for engineering vehicles / special vehicles(GL 402.0202A03)
  • Guideline for the braking regime of trains (GL 402.0202A04)
  • Application form for ad hoc services (GL 402.0202V02)
  • Working timetable application form (GL 402.0202V01)
  • Application form for engineering machines and other special vehicles (GL 402.0202V03)
  • Application form for special consignments with Bza no. (GL 402.0202V04)
  • Requirement profile form for dynamic traction unit data (GL 402.0202V05)

The downloads can be found on the Application forms page.