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Each ancillary service has its own price

At a glance: a selection of the prices for ancillary services. The binding charges for ancillary services are documented exhaustively in the respectively valid "List of charges for train paths, ancillary and supplementary services".

The prices listed here provide an initial overview. 


RU operations centre connection (GSM-R):

  • Telephony/SMS flat rate per user
  • Data transfer flat rate per user

  • EUR 11.95/month
  • EUR 4.10/month

Dispatcher workstations

From EUR 1,015.35/month

Running time calculation

EUR 80.00/hour

LeiDis-NK basic version

LeiDis-NK premium version

EUR 973.00/month

EUR 1,400.00/month

DB LiveMaps basic

DB LiveMaps comfort

EUR 29.00/year

EUR 49.00/year

Data acquisition licence

From EUR 750.56/month


From EUR 48


(Operating schedule, timetable and train path study)

EUR 80.00/hour

Train path graphics (PDF file)

EUR 5.00/page

Key Management Center per ETCS vehicle unit

EUR 20.00/month

green functions of train movement control

0,00394 EUR/TRKM

The listed prices are not complete and are exclusive of the statutory value added tax.

A complete overview of the charges for ancillary services can be found in the respectively valid "List of charges for train paths, ancillary and supplementary services".