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LeiDis-NK control system informs customers in real time

LeiDis-NK makes operational activities transparent. On connection to the information system, railway undertakings are provided with graphical and tabular visualisations of the current operating status of their trains on the DB Netz AG rail network.

With LeiDis-NK, customers are provided with a current operational visualisation of their trains in processed form in real time by DB Netz AG. This means that the users always have an up-to-the-minute picture of operational activities, and are able to react as quickly as possible.

LeiDis-NK is available in two different versions that differ in terms of their range of applications and their use.

LeiDis-NK premium version

To be able to implement the applications available in the premium version, the user requires a LeiDis-NK workstation from Thales and a connection to the DB IP network via DB Systel GmbH.

Graphical applicationsTabular applications
Station graphicNode table
Overall route overviewNominal/actual deviation list
Node graphicConnection conflict table
Time-distance graphsTrain movement overview, analysis, status
Route mirrorData acquisition

Detailed information is contained in the respective product presentation and description.  

LeiDis-NK basic version

Use of the basic version of LeiDis-NK offers the customer greater flexibility, as the applications can be used via an Internet browser irrespective of platform.

Graphical applicationsTabular applications
Overall route overviewNode table
Node graphicNominal/actual deviation list
Route mirrorData acquisition

Further information is contained in the respective product presentation and description. 

Refer to the "List of charges" for the usage charges.