Connection to the DB Netz AG data systems via a data interface

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Article: Connection to the DB Netz AG data systems via a data interface

Train movement information is transmitted electronically in real time via a data interface in the form of uniform and standardised UIC data set telegrams. Further processing in internal customer IT systems is therefore possible without problems.

The train movement information is made available from the operations centres' or network control centre's control systems and transferred to the customer by means of a data interface, the so-called "external distributor", via TCP/IP.

The prerequisite for being able to use the "external distributor" interface, is an internal customer IT system that is able to accept and process the transferred data sets as per the "technical description".

Datenfluss bei der Lizenz zur Datenabnahme

The customer is entitled to "dock onto" the DB Netz AG "external distributor" by purchasing the "data acquisition licence".

Further details are contained in the product presentation and description.

Refer to the "List of charges" for the usage charge.