Administration of cryptographic keys via the home KMC platform


Article: Administration of cryptographic keys via the home KMC platform

Cryptographic keys for data exchange between ETCS centres and onboard units are required to use DB Netz AG lines, which are equipped with the train protection system ETCS (European Train Control System) Level 2.

RUs and keepers of railway vehicles can request the cryptographic keys for DB Netz AG routes from DB Netz AG via their home KMC. With the "Key Management Center" product, DB Netz AG provides the platform for the home KMC, and undertakes all administration tasks.

Advantages for the customer

  • Administration of all key material by DB Netz AG
  • Advice on technical questions concerning ETCS key management
  • Quick procurement of key material for foreign infrastructure in the DB Netz AG infrastructure network
  • No additional costs for testing and recognising a home KMC that is the responsibility of the customer

The respective product description contains further information.

Refer to the "List of charges" for the charges per onboard unit.