DB LiveMaps train radar – your rail transport train monitor in real time

DB LiveMaps

Article: DB LiveMaps train radar – your rail transport train monitor in real time

DB LiveMaps is our application for real time train tracking with information about contructions an disrupptions - available for standard browser and Android.

DB LiveMaps basic

The basic version of DB LiveMaps enables railway undertakings to view their trains in real time in the form of a digital, graphical application. The trains' current delays can also be seen at a glance on the map by means of a nominal/actual running time comparison.
The DB LiveMaps app is a helpful tool for train drivers that enables them to assess the current situation on the rail. The web version, which additionally enables a download of current operating data, is also available to our corporate customers.

DB LiveMaps comfort

  • Constructions  and disruption information

One new feature is the simultaneous display of the constructions and disruption information in addition to the animated train movements that is now incorporated in all DB LiveMaps applications (web, Android) within the comfort variant.

  • Set-up of acoustic push messages for your trains and operating location disruptions

By setting push messages in DB LiveMaps comfort, customers can monitor when a specific train passes a defined operating location. Also it can be seen, if the trainis delayed, departs or arrives at its destination and where there are disruptions. With this function, information does not have to be actively called up but is instead simply sent to the user of the app or web version acoustically when the message arrives.
Additionally disruptions can be displayed for each selected operating location. The information can be received as a push message.

  • Client system for user administration

Customers can use the LiveMaps client system to map their entire organisation, create sub-clients and users, and assign rights to them or delete them. This means that each party in the organisation that is registered in the client system can use LiveMaps either as a mobile application or via Internet. Therefore customers of DB LiveMaps, can determine the parties to whom they want to assign various (viewing) rights and the characteristics of these rights. Different variants (basic, comfort) can also be assigned to each user separately.

Customers can adjust the view for specific train numbers.

DB LiveMaps is available via a current version of the web browser as well as a mobile app for the Android operating systems. Detailed information is obtained in the attached product description or the product flyer below. 

Simple and flexible price model

Customers can choose between the basic and comfort DB LiveMaps variants depending on the scope they have.