Improvement of communication for RUs through GSM-R

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Article: Improvement of communication for RUs through GSM-R

DB Netz AG offers RUs the option of using GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communication - Railway) to improve scheduling communication between RU operations centres and the RU's mobile personnel.

The "RU operations centre connection (GSM-R)" product stands for the use of DB Netz AG's GSM-R network for the purpose of communication between the RU operations centre / hotline / deployment location and train drivers / train attendants. This also enables the operational staff to communicate digitally with one another. With this, DB Netz AG is significantly extending the familiar option for using digital voice traffic such as train radio, for instance.

A stationary operations centre can communicate directly with the staff accompanying the train without interruptions and with high speech quality.

GSM-R-train radio units enable the train driver to be connected directly to the local operations centre responsible for him and without entering a GSM-R telephone number by pressing the "TP button".