Evaluations of train movements from the control system for process analysis


Article: Evaluations of train movements from the control system for process analysis

Statistics enable the customer to subsequently obtain information on the operational activities of its trains. Statistics provide e.g. information on punctuality or delays and the causes of these.

The Control System for Process Analysis (LeiPro-A) is used to subsequently evaluate the train movement information available at DB Netz AG and prepare it in the form of statistics for the customer. The customer can use this e.g. as written verification of the punctuality of its trains.

The content and layout of the evaluations can be created individually depending on the options offered by LeiPro-A.

Evaluation options
Standard evaluation according to product description
Special evaluation in deviation from the standard
Special data preparation
Summarisation of several evaluations

Completed statistics are reliably delivered directly to the client by e-mail. The customer itself determines the delivery rhythm, e.g. daily, weekly or monthly.

Detailed information and the standard layouts are contained in the product presentation and description.  

Refer to the "List of charges" for the usage charge.