Article: Studies

You can request a train path study (valid until 09.12.2017), an operating schedule study or a timetable study from DB Netz AG. Information on these three options is available here.

Operating schedule study: test run for timetable concepts

Operating schedule studies can be used to check the feasibility of timetable concepts.

The operating schedule studies are based on parameters specified by the customer, e.g. data on the planned vehicles or stopping times. They establish prognoses containing several variants depending on the operational and infrastructure conditions.

The customer is provided with a written statement from DB Netz AG as to whether its timetable concept functions. If this is not the case, DB Netz AG suggests alternatives such as the deployment of faster traction units.

Further information is contained in the "Operating schedule study product description".

A separate leaflet that can offer support for invitations to tender has been compiled for contractors.

Refer to the "List of charges" for the prices.

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Timetable study: analysis of whether adherence to a timetable is possible

The timetable studies produced by DB Netz AG determine whether adherence to the scheduled timetable is possible despite changed boundary conditions. If conflicts are ascertained, they are evaluated and one or more alternative solutions are proposed.

A timetable study is an analysis that serves to assess the impact of certain infrastructure conditions or the possibility of integrating train path applications into an existing or envisaged train path configuration. Use cases include the impacts of engineering measures, the integration of special train paths into an existing train path configuration or the implications of changed train characteristics.

Further information is contained in the "Timetable study product description".

Refer to the "List of charges" for the prices.

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