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Track serviceability study

Rolling stock whose dimensions are not compatible with the requirements of the EBO are increasingly being used. One striking example of this is double-decker cars.

It is not essentially out of the question for oversize rolling stock to run in scheduled operations on the DB Netz AG infrastructure; however, detailed checks are required to determine whether this rolling stock can run on specific lines without or, if necessary, with restrictions.

Such checks can be used e.g. as part of contract award procedures to assess the fundamental feasibility of an invitation to tender for oversize rolling stock.

Benefits for you as the customer

With the "Track serviceability study" ancillary service, we offer you the option of having the space available on selected routes also checked in advance for oversize rolling stock.

This offers you diverse advantages

  1. Early track serviceability checks can support your decisions to purchase certain rolling stock.
  2. You can have the options available for operating oversize rolling stock checked in advance to achieve planning certainty for your rolling stock deployment / turnaround cycle scheduling.
  3. With this service, we support you in applications according to Section 3 (2) of the German Railway Construction and Operating Regulations (EBO) for obtaining a certificate of exemption for the deployment of oversize rolling stock.

We therefore also offer this service to vehicle keepers and the rolling stock industry, not merely to all Access Parties.