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DB Netz AG loading points

DB Netz AG loading points enable the transfer of cargo from road to rail and vice versa. Among other elements, loading points consist of loading lanes, loading tracks and loading platforms.

Our interactive loading point map contains all DB Netz AG loading points. In cooperation with the VDV, the ÖBB, the SBB and the BLS, you can also find information on loading points in Germany that are not operated by DB Netz AG as well as loading points in Austria and Switzerland. (All data provided without any guarantee of correctness or completeness) 

These service facilities enable and facilitate the transfer of cargo from road to rail and vice versa. The loading lanes and loading platforms can be accessed with road vehicles for loading purposes. The freight wagons and rail vehicles reach the loading area on the so-called loading track or platform track.

There are two different loading platform designs:

  • End-loading platforms (loading option from the front side of the freight wagon) and
  • Side platforms (loading option from the side of the freight wagon).

If necessary, both loading options can be used at combined end-loading and side platforms. 

Loading platforms usually have the same loading height as freight wagons.

Loading lanes are occasionally equipped with trackside loading facilities such as e.g. loading cranes for palletised goods or conveyor belts for bulk freight. Additional facilities such as rolling stock weighbridges for measuring the payload or Shore supply points for supplying power to load units are also available in some cases. These peripheral facilities are offered separately, and must therefore also be ordered individually.

The loading lane area is fortified in the vast majority of cases, i.e. the road surface is paved or asphalted, to enable road vehicles to drive on it. offers loaders, forwarding agents and railway transport companies a quick and convenient overview of loading options, and shows the accompanying contacts.

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Please do not hesitate to point out missing multimodal transport terminals or contacts. All data provided without any guarantee of correctness or completeness.