Deutsche Bahn

DB Netz AG peripheral facilities

DB Netz AG peripheral facilities extend the possible uses of service facilities and round off the portfolio.

Peripheral facilities are particularly used as part of preparing for and post-processing train movements. Peripheral facilities can be ordered optionally in addition to the requested track capacities.

The most important equipment features are briefly explained in the following:

  • Our interior cleaning facilities enable the provision of passenger carriages in keeping with passenger requirements. In addition to actual interior cleaning, waste disposal and lavatory disposal can also be carried out.
  • Water pillars can be used to ensure a supply of drinking water within passenger carriages.
  • Boarding aids serve to overcome the difference in height between the railway vehicle and the terrain level.
  • Electric train preheating units can be used to supply stabled railway vehicles without a traction unit with electricity from an external source.
  • Soil protection systems prevent environmental pollution due to the possibility of lubricants and condensates containing oil dripping from stabled traction units and power cars. Various technical facilities are employed depending on the duration of use and pollutant volume.
  • Compressed air pillars and stationary or mobile brake testing systems are used to be able to test the functional capability of the train brakes independently of a traction unit and to supply them with the necessary compressed air.
  • Shore supply point "breathes life into the traction unit/power car/multiple unit". This is nothing other than a power connection (230/400 V) with which traction units/power cars/multiple units are made and kept operational during stabling ("standby").