Deutsche Bahn

DB Netz AG storage sidings

DB Netz AG storage sidings are parking areas for trains, wagons and traction units.

The DB Netz AG service facilities are used by passenger and freight transport.

While focus in the freight transport segment is placed particularly on transshipment and train formation, preparation and post-processing as well as stabling trains are of primary importance in passenger transport.

Although our passenger transport segment customers' objective is to minimise their trains' and traction units' idle times, they will be unable to avoid using storage sidings (at night, for instance).

The reason being that storage sidings are our "parking areas" for trains, wagon rakes, single wagons or traction units in passenger and freight transport.

Our facilities differ as extensively as our customers' requirements. The usable lengths, operational links and equipment with peripheral facilities, e.g. Shore supply points, water pillars and lavatory disposal facilities, vary depending on location.

You can use our storage sidings for just a few hours or also for a longer period of time as desired and required.

In addition to traditional storage sidings, track capacities that are not involved in train path operations are also used for stabling in individual cases.