Deutsche Bahn

Train formation yards

DB Netz AG train formation yards are used for forming, handling and breaking down trains with wagon exchange. These include e.g. marshalling yards.

DB Netz AG offers its customers train formation yards (TFY) for forming, handling and breaking down trains with wagon exchange as a special link in the rail freight transport logistics chain.

TFYs of different sizes and with varying technical equipment are available depending on geographical and topographical circumstances and the regional traffic volume.

The train formation yards therefore differ in terms of the way they are operated, how resource-intensive they are for users and the efficiency they are capable of. They range from small operating locations with simple equipment (e.g. sites without hump shunting), to medium-sized operating locations with an intermediate level of equipment (e.g. with hump shunting) and highly productive, extensively equipped train formation yards. 

Nodes for Europe's goods flows 

Before entire freight trains can move to their intended locations, the individual wagons or wagon rakes must be formed into complete trains. This process takes place in special marshalling yards, the train formation yards.