Operations management in service facilities

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Article: Operations management in service facilities

List of responsibilities in service facilities operated by DB Netz AG.

The range of services provided by DB Netz AG includes the service facilities that it operates, providing the infrastructure and ensuring its operational capability as well as operations management.

Operations management by DB Netz AG employees exclusively involves the operation of remotely controlled point connections and the respective control and command technology. The required staffing of the relevant signal boxes is carried out depending on the respectively valid working timetable, taking any existing service and shunting schedules into consideration.

The operation of points that are operated on site and decentralised electric points (EOW technology) is not part of the DB Netz AG service profile, and is carried out by the users of the service facilities in accordance with the operating regulations.

Operations management in the locally operated area of a railway station is therefore ensured by the respective RU that uses this area, irrespective of any points that are remotely controlled points in gravity shunting.