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Energy requirement prognoses deliver values in advance

By using DB Netz AG's energy requirement prognoses, railway undertakings (RUs), contracting authorities, logistics experts, vehicle manufacturers and engineering companies receive realistic estimates of the energy demand that can be expected from their train movements.

The calculations are based on mathematical/physical models for defined train configurations or individual vehicles depending on the route and the load behaviour of the traction unit. They also include the energy requirements of the auxiliaries (fans, oil pumps, etc.) and the train line (controls, diagnostic systems, etc.).

The advantages are diverse:

  • On the basis of different train configurations, RUs are provided with reliable data on energy costs as well as the opportunity to calculate the increase in efficiency through an energy-saving driving style in advance. This is particularly advantageous when calculating offers as part of invitations to tender.
  • At the same time, these prognoses offer the opportunity to reduce financial burdens caused by increasing energy costs and the costs of CO2 emission rights – they foster energy efficiency and therefore contribute to climate protection.
  • As a contracting entity, you can analyse the energy requirement of various operating schedules and vehicles prior to publishing invitations to tender and integrate these into your procurement procedures.
  • As a vehicle manufacturer, you benefit from the realistic estimation of energy consumed by the network operators when developing and marketing energy-saving traction units.

Contracting authorities can assess the energy requirements of various operating schedules and rolling stock prior to invitations to tender and integrate these into the contract award procedures.Rolling stock manufacturers benefit from the realistic projection of energy consumption by the track infrastructure operator in developing and marketing energy-saving traction units.DB Netz AG will be delighted to draw up an offer for determining energy requirement prognoses on request.

The results of the energy requirement prognoses are made available to the clients as lists, spreadsheets or graphics on data media, by e-mail or in printed form as desired.

Please contact Technical Track Access if you are interested.