This is green.

Das ist grün.

Article: This is green.

“This is green.” launched: "This is green." showcases the many achievements of Deutsche Bahn's eco-conscious projects.

“This is green.” presents the many ways Deutsche Bahn is committed to protecting the environment.

You use green transport whenever you travel with Deutsche Bahn. Because we know: addressing the issue of environmental protection on a holistic basis means getting ready for the future. “This is green.” introduces the entire spectrum and diversity of Deutsche Bahn AG’s green porjects. Each green project has its own number and message, and they range from renewable traction current and climate-neutral train stations to whisper brakes for quieter rail freight transport and recycling of concrete sleepers to beehives on DB-owned land. The new webpage for environmental issues showcases the first 112 eco projects. Read about Deutsche Bahn's green vision and learn where and how the company is involved in protecting the natural world.